Property Owners Checklist

Are you ready to connect to the Wastewater System?  Please find attached a checklist for you to follow.  If you have any questions please contact the Summer Villages Office at 780-586-2494.

Wastewater Update

Please find attached a Pump and Rail System Questions and Answers sheet for your reference.


The Wastewater presentation presented at the November 5th Ratepayer meeting is attached for your reference.

A copy of the Wastewater System Update letter mailed in October is attached here.

The Wastewater Presentation as shown at the Annual Information Meeting on July 16, 2016 is attached for your information.

What is the difference between the Regional Wastewater System and the Local Wastewater Collection System?

The Regional System is comprised of the Mulhurst lagoon and the main transmission lines with pumping stations around the lake which pump the sewage to the lagoon.  A Local Sewer Collection System is internal to each Summer Village. Each Summer Village will have its own pumps and piping.  This local system will receive sewage from each property and pump it to the regional main lines.  Each property using their own pump in their holding tank will pump into the local sewage lines.

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - April 28, 2016

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - April 18, 2016 

Notification Update - Local Waste Water - March 31, 2016 

A copy of the following Brochure will be mailed to all Southside Summer Village Residents. A copy has been uploaded to the web site for residents to view.

South Pigeon Lake Regional Wastewater Collection System Brochure